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Le 21/04/2017

EUROPE annonce quelques dates supplémentaires de concerts pour cet été.

EUROPE Electric Summer 2017

Le 19/04/2017IH

Enregistrement de la première chanson prévu pour aujourd'hui 19 avril.

Le 18/04/2017

Premier jour de studio avec Dave Cobb (Rival Sons) qui a déjà produit le dernier album "War Of Kings".


Le 18/04/2017

Le premier jour de répétitions est terminé et Ian explique qu'ils ont fait déjà pas mal de choses en une journée, plus qu'il ne le pensait. Gros riffs, mélodies et puissance en vue. La plupart des titres sont prêts pour la première journée en studio le 18/04/2017.

The rentalkit was ok, but nothing like my own Ludwid kit

Rehearsal day is over
We got alot of stuff done, more than i expected in one day really!
Great song idea's with heavy riffs, melodies, lots of power and dynamics, we got most of the songs ready, and tomorrow will be the first day in the studio, very Inspiered indeed

Ian's facebook

1/Joey showing a cool riff to John Norum - 2/Jonny boy rocking out!
3/ Mic searching for that magic cord - 4/ Norum tuning up and tapping in!

Le 17/04/2017

Ian est à Londres pour l’enregistrement avec les gars !


Le 16/04/2017

Les gars sont partis pour Londres afin d'enregistrer le futur album. D'après Ian, ils n'ont jamais eu autant de supers idées pour les chansons.
Finally... on the way to London to start recording the next EUROPE album !��
I'm really excited, and i don't think we ever had this many great song idea's with us into the recording studio before. This album will be IT, i just feel it in my guts ;-)
Stay tuned for more recording updates friends!

Le 08/03/2017

C'est parti. EUROPE commence à répéter et composer les nouvelles chansons à Stockholm !!!


Le 04/03/2017

Demain, dimanche 5 mars 2017 il sera possible de pré-commander le DVD de John Norum dès 16h00.
Les premiers auront une chance d'avoir une version limitée dédicacée.

Le 03/03/2017

Une interview de Joey du Facebook Officiel de EUROPE.

Friends! This week's TECH TUESDAY post is all about our own Joey Tempest. We approached Joey for some of his background and thoughts on becoming a singer, a musician, and just an overall fan of rock music. Enjoy !

Where / when did you begin singing ?
JT : After hearing artists like David Bowie and Elton John on the radio I wanted to emulate, sing and learn their songs, I was around eight or nine years old. A friend of my dads also taught me three chords on the guitar around that time and I was getting interested in writing songs. My dad says I used to play guitar and sing before I went to school and again directly when I got home from school. When I was around ten or eleven I started looking for likeminded people in school and around where I lived and formed my first band called Made In Hong Kong.
(Photo credit: Denis O'Regan)

Have you ever worked with a voice coach ?
JT: There was a period before we recorded The Final Countdown album when I had some voice trouble. I was introduced to a voice coach in Stockholm and he taught me how to warm up my voice properly and how to "save it" if I was in trouble on a tour. I use these exercises when I need them still to this day. He was very helpful and made the vocal performance on the The Final Countdown sound even better.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about preserving your voice ?
JT: Basically, over the years you learn as a singer that the best way to keep your voice is to get your sleep on tour therefore I stay in hotels and avoid tour busses if I can. Also drinking alcohol dries out your vocal chords so I try to keep it to a minimum : ). If my voice is a bit rough on a tour I will warm up 30 min before the show, I will sing scales up and down moving only half a note with different vowels and finish with some old fashioned songs that makes it easy for me to check what shape my voice is in.

How would you advise an amateur singer re: building their range ?
JT: I never really worked on building a vocal range. I just sing. I suppose if you are in musical theatre or similar you may have to actually practice and stretch your range. Rock n roll singing is about feeling and expression - not so much technique. Most singers sing their highest notes early in their career and hopefully quickly learn to write songs in a lower key. If you don't, you will only pay for it later in the career : )

Do you have any "go to" items for singing or special warm ups ?
JT: I probably annoy the guys a little bit with some of my singing exercises, when I do them : ) but it's sometimes actually them that reminds me to do my vocal exercises. Like all singers that have done this for a while, I have tried everything over the years. Special voice tablets, different kind of voice teas and throat sprays, etc. I think sometimes some of these things work only on a psychological level but hey! that's good too. But I find that a cup of honey tea sometimes sets me up nicely. There have been a few times over the years when I have practically lost my voice on tour. But instead of cancelling shows you have to look at taking more serious medicines just to make it through, like for instance cortisone. I don't recommend it to anyone but it has saved my behind a couple of times.

Besides rock songs, is there a vocal style you enjoy OR are interested in trying out ?
JT: Not really. I've been asked to perform in musicals but I was never interest in that way of performing.

Do you have a favorite microphone and why ?
JT: When I perform live I use a Shure UR2 Beta 58. In the studio I usually use a Neuman U47 or a U87. Our sound engineer has recommended the Shure UR2 for live performances and I trust him completely and the crowd seem to like my vocal sound so I'm sticking with that one.

What’s the easiest thing about singing for you ?
JT: I guess I find that keeping time and rhythm comes very naturally to me. I also play a bit of drums and rhythm guitar where that also comes in handy.

What’s the hardest thing about singing for you ?
JT: Probably keeping the "pitch" when I run and jump around TOO MUCH on stage...

How important is physical stamina to performance ?
JT: I think drummers and singers have the most physically demanding job in a rock band. It's important to present yourself at your best and to always try to be in a decent shape. You need to be able to give the best performance you are capable of.

Do you have any regimen that you follow to stay healthy ?
JT: I jog or walk quite a lot just to keep myself ready for touring and traveling. These things can take a lot out of you.

Who are your favorite singers of all time ?
JT: A few of them include: Robert Plant, David Bowie, Buddy Miles, David Coverdale, Chris Cornell, Van Morrison, Elvis, Robert Plant, Bob Marley and Phil Lynott. Also Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 5 albums you would need to have there to stay sane ?
JT: If we're talking rock music then below are the albums I would bring. Apart from these artists, I would also not survive without some Elvis, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Jackson Brown.
1. Deep Purple - Made In Japan
2. Rush - Moving Pictures
3. Audioslave - Cochise
4. Led Zeppelin - 4
5. Thin Lizzy - Live And Dangerous

What was your first concert as a spectator ?
JT: Electric Light Orchestra when I was 13 years old.

Did you have an “I want to do that moment”? If you did, what were the circumstances of it.
JT: Just seeing frontmen like Robert Plant, Phil Lynott, and David Coverdale in a live situation made me want to work harder and become a better writer and singer. They made it look so easy and at the same time they had the sound, the moves, the aura that just moved me.

Do you read music? Do you place any importance on reading music and why ?
JT: No I don't read music but reading music is important in so many fields and it's an amazing talent and I deeply respect anyone who can do this. However, when I was a kid I was a Louis Armstrong fan. I played trumpet for a short period and started taking some lessons and began learning to read music. One day I started to improvise a bit during a lesson and the teacher didn't like it....so I never went back to a teacher or reading music. I found that for me personally it restricted my "jamming" and improvising. But I discovered I had a good 'ear' and could listen to music and then emulate it on my guitar or piano and learn the instruments by myself. Some of the most innovative and successful rock and pop artists do not read music. That doesn't say that is wrong to learn to read music as I said, I find people who read music very talented but I just found that I didn't need it for my kind of writing.

Last two:
If you weren’t doing what you do now – as in fronting an internationally successful band - what would you most likely be doing ?
JT: When I was young my dad and I travelled around taking part in Go-Cart races. I raced and he was my mechanic. I also developed an interest in Formula One. Ultimately though, music and being in a rock band was always my true calling. I guess if I wouldn't have gone down the musical path maybe I could have been a racing driver of some kind.

Is there another skill you possess that people would be surprised by ?
JT: When I was younger I did some aquarelle paintings. It's interesting but I find it takes a lot of energy and time. Maybe something for the future!

Le 23/02/2017

Ça arrive enfin. Le DVD "d'instruction" de guitare de John Norum va arriver en prévente sur son site officiel.
D'une durée de 83 minutes le DVD sera sous-titré en français ! et sera au prix de 30€ (Paypal, carte de crédit).

IT IS FINALLY HERE!!! Case/disc COVER ART revealed and PRESS RELEASE about JOHN NORUM's first own DVD "LET IT SHINE - A Look Inside JOHN NORUM's crazy guitar world" online now at www.johnnorum.se/shop/ PRE-ORDER will start in the next days: stay tuned and check often the MERCH section at www.johnnorum.se and John's official FB page here at

https://www.facebook.com/OFFICIALJohnNorum/ Enjoy!!!

DVD J. Norum
February 23, 2017 – PRESS RELEASE John Norum: LET IT SHINE – A look inside John Norum’s crazy guitar world (HD DVD) © 2017 Released by Level Six Productions AB, Sweden
We proudly announce that the worldwide well known and appreciated blues-rock guitarist JOHN NORUM is about to start the PRE-ORDER of his first own DVD, that will be exclusively sold through this website’s SHOP section at www.johnnorum.se/shop/
Not a traditional instructional DVD but “…more of a song-oriented thing” as John defined it, a journey into his playing through some of his most famous guitar solos – played also slowly and described in the details for those who want to learn them – and through the description of his guitars and gears.
The release includes a must-have EIGHT-PAGES BOOKLET for collectors with EXCLUSIVE photos by Tallee Savage, and TWO BONUS FEATURES containing behind-the-scenes footages and interviews with musician friends.
A LIMITED number of copies will be SIGNED by John, on a first come, first served basis.
“I think it came out great!” – John says – “It’s loose and fun which is what guitar playing is all about!”
Check often THIS SECTION and the official FACEBOOK page for the PRE-ORDER starting time.
Language: English
Running time: 83 minutes
Subtitles options: Italian, Spanish, French and Japanese
Produced by John Norum and Peer Stappe
Filmed by Peer Stappe
at Play Yard Studios and Polar Studios, Stockholm (SE)
Videointerviews filmed by Francesca Bevilacqua
Post production by John Norum and Peer Stappe
Graphic design and subtitles by Francesca Bevilacqua
Cover and booklet photos by Tallee Savage
Disc photo by Anita Søderlind Andersen
Authoring at MEDIArun Padova (IT)
Manufactured at Shelve Supporti Ottici Milano (IT)
Price: € 30 (shipping INCLUDED)
Allowed payment methods: PayPal, Credit/Debit cards
TV system: PAL
Only PAL version is available at the moment: during the order form filling, choose between PAL and NTSC, but mind that NTSC version will be available approximately a month after the PAL release.

Le 19/02/2017

Le 05 février, dans l'émission qu'ont présentée Mic et Ian sur Rockklassiker (Rockbrunchen), Mic a annoncé que l'album sera enregistré en avril et sortirait à l'automne.
Le DVD du 30ème anniversaire de TFC sortira en avril ou mai.

Mic & Ian

Le 18/02/2017

Ian Haugland avec Eric Martin sur scène.

Le 03/02/2017

Metal Allstars

Le 17 février, Metal Allstars (Mats Leven, Kicken Lundqvist, Pontus Norgren, John Levén) nous livrerons une dose de métal au Nightrain à umeå (Suède).


Le 25/01/2017

EUROPE annonce qu'il en est à la moitié de l'écriture du prochain album qui devrait sortir à l'automne.
Le groupe a également terminé le travail sur le DVD de la tournée du 30ème anniversaire Final Countdown.

Annonce de nouvelles dates de concert pour 2017:

Hello friends, Check out our 2017 dates below. More will be added as we go along
We've just finished work on our new Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Live DVD coming out soon. We think it's looking and sounding awesome!
We're also in the middle of writing our next album that's coming out in the autumn. As usual we seem to surprise ourselves by jamming on some really "out there" stuff. This could get really interesting!
Let's have a great year!

16 mai 2017 Arena Armeec (Sofia, Bulgaria)
18 mai 2017 DRFG Arena (Brno, Czech Republic)
16 juin 2017 Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel, Belgium)
23 juin 2017 Tømmerstockfestivalen (Brumenddal, Norway)
24 juin 2017 Copenhell Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)
02 juillet 2017 Rock Fest (Barcelona,Spain)
07 juillet 2017 Norway Rock (Kvinesdal, Norway)
08 juillet 2017 Pit Stop Party (Imatra, Finland)
21 juillet 2017 Scène Théâtre Jean-Deschamps / Festival de Carcassonne (Carcassonne, France)
03 août 2017 Wacken Open Air (Wacken, Germany)
05 août 2017 Finnsnes Festival (Finnsnes, Norway)
17 novembre 2017 Barclaycard Arena (Birmingham , UK)
18 novembre 2017 Manchester Arena (Manchester, UK)
20 novembre 2017 Motorpoint Arena (Cardiff, UK)
22 novembre 2017 SSE Hydro (Glasgow, UK)
23 novembre 2017 The O2 (London, UK)

Le 25/01/2017

EUROPE rejoindra les studios d'Abbey Road à Londres début février pour enregistrer le futur album !

Source: blabbermouth.net

Le 16/01/2017

Bientôt un nouvel album pour John Norum. Enfin je dis bientôt, mais y'a pas de date encore...

JN et Staffan Astner

The amazing Staffan Astner (Jerry Williams, Joey Tempest solo, Eddie Meduza and many more!) putting down some amazing slide guitar on my new solo album (I'm horrible with slide.. he) and a bunch of other great stuff. The madness has begun. Thank you Staffan, you're great!

Le 07/01/2017

Une nouvelle vidéo de J. Norum qui nous présente la nouvelle guitare italienne "Paoletti's STRATOSPHERIC WINE CUSTOM" signée John Norum.
Il joue deux solos dont celui de "Hole In My Pocket".


Le 06/01/2017

Mic & Ian en concert le 12 janvier 2017 avec The Gamblers à Stockholm

The Gamblers

Tickets 22h00 M/S Birger Jarl Hostel & Hotel, Stadsgårdskajen 156, 116 45 Stockholm