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Le 20/12/2014
Affiche concert
21/11/2015 à 20h00 - ZENITH ARENA LILLE
Catégorie 1 TRIBUNE 78,50 €
Catégorie 2 ASSIS/DEBOUT 67,50 €

Catégorie 1 GRADINS 89,50 €
Catégorie 2 FOSSE 78,50 €
Catégorie 3 BALCON 67,50 €

Catégorie 1
GRADINS 2 78,50 €
GRADINS 1 78,50 €
Catégorie 2

30/11/2015 à 20h00 - HALLE TONY GARNIER LYON 07
Catégorie 1
GRADIN 1 FACE 78,50 €
Catégorie 2 DEBOUT 67,50 €
Catégorie 3 GRADIN 3 FACE 67,50 €

Catégorie 1
GRADIN BAS 78,50 €
Catégorie 2

Catégorie 1
Niveau 1 Sud 89,50 €
Niveau 2 Sud 89,50 €
NORD 89,50 €
SUD 89,50 €
Niveau 1 Nord 89,50 €
Niveau 2 Nord 89,50 €
Catégorie 2
PARTERRE 67,50 €

04/12/2015 à 20h00 - LE ZENITH TOULOUSE
Catégorie 1
PORTE 3 78,50 €
PORTE 4 78,50 €
PORTE 5 78,50 €
PORTE 6 78,50 €
PORTE 7 78,50 €
PORTE 8 78,50 €
Catégorie 2

06/12/2015 à 19h00 - PALAIS DES SPORTS GRENOBLE
Catégorie 1
PLATEAU 78,50 €
Niveau 1 Est 78,50 €
Niveau 2 Est 78,50 €
Niveau 1 Ouest 78,50 €
Niveau 2 Ouest 78,50 €
Catégorie 2
Catégorie 3
Niveau 3 Ouest 67,50 €
TRIBUNE 67,50 €
Niveau 3 Est 67,50 €

Le 17/12/2014

Super EUROPE en première partie de Scorpions pour 8 dates en novembre et décembre 2015, donc Bercy à PARIS où j'espère bien être présent, avec en prime Scorpions qui est super en concert.
Seul bémol, EUROPE jouera sans-doute des sets assez courts ...

We are very excited to announce dates in France as part of the "War Of Kings" 2015 tour. These shows are as special guests to SCORPIONS

The dates and ticket information are below and we look forward to seeing you all. We will be announcing more dates for 2015 soon !


November 2015:
21st LILLE – Zénith Arena
24th PARIS – Bercy Arena
26th STRASBOURG – Zénith Europe
30th LYON – Halle Tony Garnier

December 2015:
1st MONTPELLIER – Park & Suites Arena
3rd BORDEAUX – Patinoire Meriadeck
4th TOULOUSE – Zénith
6th GRENOBLE – Palais des Sports

Tickets go on sale
Friday, December 19th – 10 am French time

The ticket link is: http://www.gdp.fr/fr/node/224
And the box office information :
Phone : +33 892 392 192 (0,34 €/min , France only)
or +33 149 975 191 (international)

Le 05/12/2014

Et voici le prochain album "War Of Kings" de EUROPE qui sortira le 06 mars 2015 en Europe ( le 02 aux Royaumes-Unis, le 04 au Japon et le 10 aux USA) !

01. War Of Kings
02. Hole In My Pocket
03. Second Day
04. Praise You
05. Nothin’ To Ya
06. California 405
07. Days Of Rock n Roll
08. Children Of The Mind
09. Rainbow Bridge
10. Angels (With Broken Hearts)
11. Light It Up
12. Bonus: Vasastan (Instrumental) - Digital & Japan releases only

War Of Kings

Friends !

This press release is going out round the world today !

We are extremely proud of this record and can't wait for you to hear it !

Here below is the new album cover art ...

Joey / John / John / Mic / Ian



Swedish rock legends will also embark on UK tour with Black Star Riders to celebrate their 10th studio album.

Swedish rock legends EUROPE will release their 10th album, "War of Kings", in March 2015 on UDR Records. Recorded at the brand new PanGaia Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, produced by Dave Cobb (Rival Sons) and engineered by John Netti, War of Kings sees the classic rocking quintet confidently creating 11 monsterously melodic, yet hard-hitting, classic rock’n’roll standouts for their fervent global audience. War of Kings will be available in multiple formats, as a CD digipak, a CD jewel case, a vinyl LP and in digital download format. The album will be released in the UK on March 2nd, Japan on March 4th (via JVC), the EU on March 6th and the US on March 10th.

Joey Tempest: “War Of Kings is the album we always wanted to make, ever since we were kids listening to bands like Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath.
And after hearing Dave Cobb amazing production for Rival Sons we simply had to work with him. Our adventure is still ON!”

EUROPE’s place as a legendary classic rock band was platinum-stamped early in their career, having enjoyed an explosive period of worldwide success in the ‘80s, under-pinned by their hit album and single The Final Countdown, before going on hiatus between 1992 and 2003. They re-united and quickly settled into a period of re-establishment which has seen them re-enforce their reputation worldwide as one of the premier purveyors of blues-tinged classic rock with an edge and some kick. Their last album, 2012’s Bag of Bones, saw Europe hit the UK top 40 rock album charts and debut at #2 on the Swedish national charts, and War of Kings is set to take full advantage of the global groundwork EUROPE have put in over the last few years.

Joey adds “Hey! We took the long road! but we wanted to re-establish Europe the proper way. It’s taken 10 years and countless tours since the re-union, but we’re finally getting there! And we’ve done it our way!”

EUROPE will commence their roadwork supporting War of Kings with a UK/Ireland tour in Dublin on March 2nd (their first visit to Ireland in 25 years) before continuing in the UK with Black Star Riders.

Joey - “Looking forward to ‘tons’ of touring in 2015!
It’s getting harder and harder to be modest and humble about this band! It doesn’t get much better than this!”

Le 05/12/2014

Première photo promo de EUROPE.


Le 20/11/2014

Joey annonce que 12 titres ont été enregistrés pour le prochain album, lors des sessions au nouveau studio PanGaia à Stockholm.
Ils ont filmé quelques séquences des enregistrements qu'ils vont diffuser rapidement pour nous.

photo: Tallee Savage

Hi Friends

Well, you always hear it here first. We have finished the recording of our 10th album! Twelve songs were recorded at the the brand new PanGaia studios in Stockholm where we were the very first artist to record. We loved it! The studio is absolutely top of the range and the staff was incredibly helpful. Of course we packed the place full of vintage microphones and "gear" to create an atmosphere on this record and to warm the sound up. Dave Cobb, our producer, really brought something amazing to this album and made us play from heart and soul. He will now mix it in his studio in the US. This record sounds truly enigmatic! what a great vibe! As always we're on a new journey with every record we make and this time we have really gone for it. We can't wait for you guys to hear it! We did film some stuff during the recording and will put something together for you guys in a little while.

All the best


Le 17/11/2014

L'album série limitée Wings Of Tomorrow est vente depuis ce matin 10h, au prix de 324 € sur le site officiel de EUROPE !


Le 14/11/2014

L'album Wings Of Tomorrow version vinyle, en édition collector très limitée à 10 exemplaires dans le monde sera en vente le 17/11/14.
Ce sont des versions éditées chez le label Hot Records en 1984. Les albums sont dans des "cadres" de bois noir et sont signés par le groupe, et sont accompagnés du laisser-passer dans les coulisses du WOT tour. Il y a aussi un médiator de Joey, J. Norum et J. levén.
Lors de l'achat, il sera fourni une plaquette nominative avec votre nom et le votre numéro de copie sur les 10 existantes !
La vente se fera exclusivement sur le site de vente en ligne sur le site officiel de EUROPE à partir du 17/11/14 à 10h00. (Horaire Europe centrale).

Le prix n'est pas encore annoncé, mais le montant devrait être certainement dissuasif pour beaucoup d'entre nous; mais j'espère me tromper !!


* Wings of Tomorrow (vinyl)
* Strictly limited collectors edition.
* Only 10 copies excisting in the world!!

These mint condition albums comes straight out of the box and were released on the highly collectable 'Hot Records label' in 1984! The albums comes mounted in a specially designed black wooden frame. Signed by the whole band it comes together with a replica of the WOT tour backstage pass, plus three guitar pick's from Joey Tempest, John Norum & John Leven!

When you order this exclusive item, you will get a specially engraved plaquet with YOUR name and your item number out of the 10 excisting copies!

These 10 packages will go on sale exclusively on our webshop on Monday November 17 th. at 10 am. Central European time.


Le 09/11/2014

Ian va faire son premier concert avec son groupe le 29 novembre.

Hey friends !
Had another weekend in the name of rock'n'roll. Dj'n at the Stockholm Rocks festival on Friday night and then rehearsing with my band ABG Saturday and Sunday.
The world premiere gig is getting closer, November 29th. We'll blow the roof off the Galaxen in Borlänge !

Le 04/11/2014

Aujourd'hui, c'est le dernier jour d'enregistrement au studio. Dès demain le producteur Dave ainsi que l'ingénieur du son John retourneront à Nashville pour débuter le mixage des chansons.
D'après Ian, cela a été le plus doux et le plus cool enregistrement de tous les albums de EUROPE. Il n'a jamais entendu Joey chanter aussi bien que maintenant ni même aucun d'entre eux jouer aussi bien.
Travailler avec Dave et John a été une pure joie.
Sur la photo on peut voir Joey et le producteur travailler sur les toutes dernières voix avant que l'album ne soit terminé.

Joey & Dave

Hey friends !
Joey's on the screen and Dave in the producers chair working on the very last vocal part before the whole album's done !
Today is the last recording day in the studio. Tomorrow Dave and John (the engineer) goes back to Nashville to start mixing the songs.
This has been the smoothest and the coolest Europe album to record ever.
I never heard Joey sing better than this, or any of us play better either.
Working with Dave and John has been pure joy.
I'm soooo fuxxing excited !!!

Le 30/10/2014

Ian est passé au studio pour regarder les autres gars travailler. Mic a fait les derniers morceaux de claviers et Joey est prêt pour le chant (Sa voix est fantastique aujourd'hui).

Hey friends !
At the studio just hanging out watching the other guys working away. Mic's putting down the last keyboard parts and Joey's getting ready to do some vocals. He's voice sounds fantastic today !
Recording with Dave is just so relaxed and fun, lots of bad jokes and laughter... Like saturday night everynight.

Le 29/10/2014

Kee Marcello était l'invité de Rockklassiker pour la promotion de son album "Redux: EUROPE" (qui date quand même de novembre 2011 !!!). Mais bon, il a dédicacé une guitare...
Peut-être que c'est un début de piste pour annoncer que Kee va apparaitre sur un solo voire un titre du futur album de EUROPE !! Ce serait cool, on peut toujours rêver !!


Check this out ! Kee Marcello was in the Rockklassiker studio promoting his then new album Redux Europe and signed this guitar !

Le 28/10/2014

Et voilà Mic travaillant sur les overdubs de synthé encore et encore...


Hey friends !
Working away in the studio !
Mic's thinking over a keyboard part again and again and again
He really spiced up this song with some weird Mellotron parts, im so excited !

Le 28/10/2014

Ian confirme que la base de tous les titres est enregistrée. Ils vont donc maintenant s'occuper des overdubs, des solos et des vocaux. Allez Joey au boulot !
Quelques extraits vidéos ou audios seraient les bienvenus...

Good morning friends !
Up and running at Rockklassiker again !
Great news... We finished recording the basic tracks for the album yesterday! Now we're focusing on overdubs, solos and vocals.
Maaaan this album will kick your ass, i know cause my ass is all sore !

Le 27/10/2014

Ian pense qu'ils vont finir les enregistrements de base des titres aujourd'hui.

Hey friends !
No rest for the wicked
Up and doing the morning show at Rockklassiker together with ma bro Anton Körberg !
Then off to the studio to record again, i think we'll finish off the basic tracks today !

Le 25/10/2014

Hi friends !
Dave and John jaming together in the studio !
Sweet sweet music came out of it !

John & Dave

Le 25/10/2014

Dave "the dude" Cobb, le producteur du nouvel album.

Dave "the dude" Cobb

Here he is Dave "the dude" Cobb, cool but in control.
It's really inspiering working with him, he's bringing out the best and the beast in me !

Le 25/10/2014

Heureusement que Ian publie car EUROPE ne communique pas vraiment sur l’enregistrement. Les parties de base (synthé, batterie, basse, guitare (sans les solos)) de 5 titres sont dans la boite ! Le 6 titre dès qu'ils auront pris un petit café !!!

Hey friends !
Working away in the studio, really excited. Fifth basic track's down, going for the sixth after a short coffee break !


Le 25/10/2014

Depuis le 22 octobre, EUROPE est enfin en studio à Stockholm pour l'enregistrement de son 10ème album. A la production Dave Cobb accompagné de l'ingénieur du son John Netti.
Le groupe a signé avec le label allemand UDR records, pour l'opus qui devrait sortir en mars 2015.

Friends !

Here we are 'finally' in in the studio recording our 10th album with Producer Dave Cobb and engineer John Netti, and man, It's sounding incredible!!!

Check out our press release below with details regarding new label and album release.

Joey / John / John / Mic / Ian
// Europe

Europe en studio

German-based label delighted to announce signing of Swedish rock legends

Swedish rock group Europe have signed with UDR Records for the release of their as-yet-untitled forthcoming album in early March 2015. The recording commences this month in Stockholm.

EUROPE ’s front man Joey Tempest “We’re really excited to be working with the people at UDR. A very credible label and I am impressed with their work building a future and a solid foundation for their Artists”

UDR President/owner Ulrike Rudolph expressed her delight in capturing the band for the label.
“We are always looking to expand the label’s stable of bands with quality, not quantity, and EUROPE represent the finest in supremely written hard rock music,” said Rudolph. “They are a group who refuse to rest on their past and continue to grow as artists and musicians, so we are absolutely delighted they have come to us.”

Production on the new material will be handled by Dave Cobb (Rival Sons).
“He is one of few producers out there who is saving rock ‘n’ roll,” said Joey Tempest, “when we first heard Pressure and Time by Rival Sons, we just went ‘who the hell produced this stuff? It’s got tons of heart and soul, it’s cocky, it’s got that swagger, it’s alive and real.’ That’s the journey we’re on with EUROPE, trying to dig deeper to find more soulful expressions and play straight from the core! So we’re extremely excited to bring this guy into our team.”

The multi-platinum, 20-million-plus selling quintet, recorded 1986’s smash-hit The Final Countdown and toured the World playing sold-out concerts while cementing their place as one of the biggest rock bands of the ‘80s.
After re-grouping in 2004 with the ‘classic’ line-up, the band continued their success into the 21st century with Classic Rock Magazine stating upon the release of their last album in 2012, ‘Europe are one of the greatest rock bands on the planet right now.’

In 2015, EUROPE will once again take to the road as they begin a UK/Ireland tour in Dublin on March 2nd (their first visit to Ireland in 25 years). More dates to co-incide with the albums cycle will be announced shortly including territories the band has not visited in some time.

Le 25/10/2014

Le 22/10/14, le son de batterie de Ian est fantastique. Sur la photo le technicien batterie Johan Kullberg. Ian pense que c'est le meilleur son de batterie qu'il n'ait jamais eu !

Johan Kullberg
Hey friends !
At the studio setting up sound and gear. The drums sound faaaantastic... Already !
Here's the drum tech Johan Kullberg who's helping me setting up the stuff and tuning the drums. I just know this will be the best drum sound i ever had... That anybody had !

Le 19/10/2014

Entrée en studio dans 3 jours !

Hey friends !
They survived another day of severe beating and thrashing
My drums have never sounded more powerful, alive and kicking. It's just pure joy to play them. I'm quite sure the new album will have the best drumsound i've had so far !
Tomorrow we'll rehearse again, only 3 days until we hit the studio... Exciting

Batterie Ian

Le 14/10/2014

EUROPE entre en studio la semaine prochaine !

Passed 19 000 likes!
Thanx ma friends
Just finished rehearsals with the Euroboys, all went well, the songs are falling into the right places!
Only a week left before we enter the studio, exciting yeah!

Le 09/10/2014


Good evening friends!
Had another great day at the rehearsals. Got some more idea's down, now we're gonna continue working on these songs at home and then meet up next week for another set of writing sessions. Exciting !

Le 08/10/2014

Good evening friends !
Just got home from rehearsals with the boys. We had a productive night and got one more song done... We're getting there !
Tomorrow we'll get together again to create some more magic music... Now off to dreamland. Good night !

Europe en répétition

Le 05/10/2014

Des précisions sur la motivation et la façon dont s'est crée le partyband de Ian.

Hey friends!
People are asking me what the new band Absolut BlåGult is about. So i thought i should tell you the story behind the band...
The idea for the band started last summer when i was visiting the singer Tony Josefsson in Borlänge. We were out driving with his car just enjoying the warm summernight, listening to music on the radio. They were basically only playing classic swedish pop songs from the 70,80,90's, when all of a sudden i just realized how incredibly many great songs that have been written by swedish artists through the years, and how loved and deeply rooted they are in peoples minds.
So I said to Tony that we should put together a band and celebrate all this great swedish music... In our own special way!
No matter if it's pop, schlager, danceband, disco, country, rock... You name it. Is it a great song that people love to hear, we'll take it on and give it the ABG treatment... Meaning, rock it up'n rock it up with a shitload of energy! Seeing us playing live should be like being inside of a horse stampede!
Tony really liked the idea aswell and the more we talked about it we felt that we were on to something really cool.
We agreed that we wanted this band to be a bunch of "no ego"buddies with the right attitude to the band idea rather than the greatest musicans.
So i got in touch with some of the coolest and nicest musicans i've been playing with through the years and...Voila! Absolut BlåGult was formed
Before the first rehearsal we had never played together as a band, but it only took about 10 minutes to realize that the cemistry between us was just... Perfect!
And guess what... The guys in the band are not only the coolest people, but the they are the greatest musicans aswell!
On November 29th. We'll play our premiere gig at Galaxen in Borlänge.

be sure to wear body armour or at least diapers... You will be hit by a powerful force!
Cheers, Ian

Le 05/10/2014

Ian et son nouveau partyband Absolute BlåGult.

Absolut BlaGult

Hey friends !
The first band pic of Absolute BlåGult
Ian Haugland, Jonas Karlberg, Ronny Rompa Bernström, Hovgårds Tony Josefsson & Chris Laney.

Le 05/10/2014

La semaine prochaine EUROPE continuera d'écrire et répéter des chansons pour le prochain album. 8 titres sont actuellement prêts
Hey guys !
Just a quick update...
Next week we'll continue to write and rehears on songs for the new album, we got about 8 songs ready right now. It's an interesting mixture of moods and styles. Majestic, heavy, energetic, melodic, bluesy, soulful, dynamic, exciting... These are just a few words i think reflects the music so far !

Check out this old pic of FORCE playing somewhere in the Upplands Väsby area in the early 80's

Le 05/10/2014

Hey !
Done with the writing and rehearsals for the day.
We had a great creative time, so many interesting rockin' idea's are coming up, we're all very excited!
Tomorrow we'll continue working again, can't wait !

John et Joey

Le 05/10/2014

Ian a débuté le travail de la batterie du prochain album.

Hey friends!
Movin' n groovin'
Back in the magical musical workshop to create some more wonderful songs for the next album!
Ian en studio

Le 05/10/2014

Il sera bientôt possible d'acheter un des 10 lots du 30ème anniversaire de l'album Wings Of Tomorrow (Au format vinyle dédicacé, numéroté et encadré) sur le label Hot Records. Chaque lot aura une plaque avec le nom de l'acheteur gravé dessus. Il sera également inclus une réplique du PASS VIP Wings Of Tomorrow avec votre nom, et des médiators de John Norum, John Levén et Joey, ainsi qu'une photo authentifiant de la signature par les membres du groupe.Wing Of Tomorrow 2014
Les lots ne seront vendus que sur la boutique en ligne de EUROPE.
La date de mise en vente sera communiquée ultérieurement.

Le 05/10/2014

Info de Ian du 25/09/2014
Hello friends.
We've now started working on the songs for the new
EUROPE album that will be out next year.
Here's John L, Mic and Joey trying out some heavy riffin'.
So far we got about half the songs done, and i have to say, there are some real jems here!
Yesterday Mic and i went visiting the recording studio to check on the gear and get a vibe... It is a good one!

John, Mic, Joey en répétions

Le 05/10/2014

Ian a annoncé le 25/08 avoir fait ses premières répétitions avec son groupe Absolut BlåGult pour fêter la musique sudéoise !Absolut BlaGult

Le 01/10/2014

EUROPE en répétition / écriture à Stockholm !
Certaines chansons sont heavy, d'autres majestueuses et spirituelles sans oublier le pur Rock classique.

EUROPE en répétitions
Le groupe entrera en studio fin octobre pour une sortie de l'album en février/mars 2015.

Le 14/09/2014

EUROPE a annoncé le 12/09 qu'il était à fond sur l'écriture de nouveaux titres du 10ème album.

Le 11/08/2014

Le 02 août Ian a annoncé qu'ils seront en studio en octobre et que le prochain album de EUROPE devrait sortir vers février 2015 !

Le 11/08/2014

EUROPE à 02h00 pendant un soleil de minuit Tornio (Finlande).


Le 11/08/2014

Des infos sur la bière Demon Head de EUROPE.

JT & MM _ Bière Demon Head
26/06/2014 - NEWS FLASH !

Dear friends !

We want you to be the first to know ! We are releasing a Pilsner in Sweden called' Demon Head'; which will roll out to other parts of the world soon! Over a long period we have been personally involved in developing this product with an award winning "smaller" brewery close to our hometown.

We do occasionally have a beer after a gig while talking about the show, and it's sometimes difficult to find a beer we all enjoy. Now we can bring the Demon Head Pilser with us, or request it on our "rider" and that way get exactly what we like!

Like our latest album 'Bag Of Bones', we wanted the beer to have a deeper expression and character. Not only did we want the Pilsner to have the right aroma, bitterness and sweetness, we also want it to be suitable to drink it in larger quantities if the occasion calls for it. ; )

We will post more about this new venture soon.

Joey / John / John / Mic / Ian

La bière Demon Head est maintenant disponible en Suède.

EUROPE's Demon Head Pilsner, in collaboration with Rewine is now avalable to order in Sweden !
A lot of requests are coming in !

Joey and Mic signing their autographs on some of the cases! Who will be the lucky one to order one of those !??

JT & MM signant des packs de bières Demon Head

Le 09/06/2014

Kee ne voulait pas participer à une reformation de EUROPE à cause de divergences musicales avec Joey !

Source: classicrock.teamrock.com
Guitarist says band's musical direction was not for him.

Kee Marcello says time has proved he was right not to join
EUROPE's 2003 reunion.

Marcello was EUROPE's lead guitarist during their most successful period after replacing founding member John Norum in 1986. But when the band reformed in 2003, they floated the idea of including both Norum and Marcello.

Marcello tells The Rocktologist: “Joey and me had different views on what musical direction the group would need to take in order to make it back to the top. Seems like I was right.”

Describing his relationship with Tempest as “non-existent”, Marcello adds that he remembers his EUROPE days fondly. He says: "I have many very good memories from that era. It was both very inspiring and cataclysmic at the same time considering the unbelievable following we experienced during that time.”

His 2013 solo album Judas Kiss was a success and Marcello is about to tour as part of a trio with Neil Murray, formerly of Whitesnake and Black Sabbath, and drummer Pino Liberti.

L'interview originale sur The Rocktologist.

Le 05/06/2014

5 DVD dédicacés du 30ème anniversaire de EUROPE au Sweden Rock Festival sont à gagner pour l'achat d'un ticket du concert au Steelhouse Festival.
5 DVD à gagner

Le 01/06/2014

Joey et Mic ont travaillé ensemble pour le 10ème album de EUROPE. Les gars devraient entrer en studio en octobre 2014. Pendant les jams Joey a l'habitude de chanter et jouer la batterie tandis que Mic s'occupe des claviers pendant que le tout est enregistré. Ils travaillent les détails pour la chanson par la suite. J. Levén et J. Norum ont déjà fait parvenir des bonnes idées à Joey. Et quant à Ian, pas d'info pour le moment ???.
Le groupe donnera de plus amples détails sur l’enregistrement et la future tournée 2014/2015...
Joey & MMic lors d'un jam.

Le 12/05/2014

Et voici la première vidéo promo du DVD de John, qui rappelons-le sera disponible uniquement sur son site officiel !

Vidéo de promo du DVD de John Norum

Lien Youtube.

Le 11/05/2014

Kee Marcello va faire une petite tournée en Italie, Autriche, Slovaquie, Pologne, Allemagne et Espagne.

Dates tournée Kee Marcello


La setlist de Nordic Beast à Trondheim (Norvège) du 09/05/14.

Setlist Nordic Beast

Quelques titres de EUROPE et de J. Norum en font partie !

Le 09/05/2014

Une photo de EUROPE en concert au London Hammersmith Apollo durant la tournée avec FOREIGNER et FM.
London Hammersmith Apollo

Joey avec Mic Jones de Foreigner.Joey & Mic Jones de FOREIGNER

Le 02/04/2014

EUROPE va faire un concert le 18/04/2015 au cours d'une croisière aux Bahamas, les Monsters of Rock Cruise.
Monsters of Rock Cruise
Participeront des groupes comme Extreme, Queensrÿche...

Le 27/03/2014

A l'occasion de la tournée en Espagne Joey a accordé une interview au journal El Correo.

Hello friends,
In time for
EUROPE's tour of Spain, here is an interview with Joey for the newspaper EL CORREO.
E.C. - Where are you right now, answering this interview ? Who are you, of the band ?
J.T. - Joey Tempest here ! I'm in London where I live. Getting ready to travel to Spain for three shows then to the UK.
E.C. - How many hours of sun you have in Sweden in March ? How does it feel living in a such dark ambient?
J.T. - I Haven't lived in Sweden for 25 years, but I remember the long dark winters and the short "bright" summers. It was inspiring !
E.C. - What do you do in a normal day, not on tour ?
J.T. - Spending time with my son ! But there is always
EUROPE stuff to be dealt with!
Interview El Correo 2014 E.C. - And what do you do in the Stockholm area in a Saturday night ?
J.T. - We used to go to concerts when we were younger. We take the train into Stockholm and see bands like Thin Lizzy, UFO and Whitesnake.
E.C. - Which are the worst things about to be on the road, touring ?
J.T. - All the waiting around ! The two hours on stage are fantastic !
E.C. - Let’s talk about the countries of Europe… How much the ex communist countries likes hard rock ? Countries as Hungary, Poland…
J.T. - Yes there is a lot of love for hard rock music in the countries of Europe, just like in Scandinavia. Final Countdown was I guess influential for a generation of kids.
E.C. - Which are your favourite countries to play ? (You can not say Spain).
J.T. - We are a world band. We are lucky to be able to go to so many places. All of them has a different vibe and things that are special…..
E.C. - Why do you think the girls, the women, like your music ?
J.T. - Luckily we have both boys and girls at our concerts. Our music is both powerful and emotional. Thats the way we like it.
E.C. - A lot of people think you are a one hit wonder, because of ‘The Final Countdown’, and that you play commercial, mainstream rock. But I’ve seen you playing live and you are a real hard rock band. Do you bother that people, some people, think you are a ‘soft’ band ?
J.T. - Doesn't really bother us. We have always been musicians in rock band. It's great to see that we are one of the few bands from the 80's and 90's who are making new albums that people like. New songs like LAST LOOK AT EDEN and FIREBOX are becoming very popular in our live set.
E.C. - A lot of people think that rock and roll, rock music, is dead. What do you think about this question ?
J.T. - The music business has changed, that's a fact ! But you can still work hard as a band and succeed. You just have to work things differently. Work your websites, your merchandise and play a lot "live".
E.C. - What does it mean the rock music for you ?
J.T. - Rock music is something you feel with your whole body. It's alive !
E.C. - Why do you think the heavy metal fans are so loyal to his favourite bands and styles all through the years ? These fans are older and they have families, but still go to the shows and believe in music. Why ?
J.T. - It's just the nature of the beast. Rock music has got primal soul ! It's deeper ! When we released LAST LOOK AT EDEN we gained a new and younger audience. But our "older" fans still loved it. If you are a creative band and you move forward but still keep your roots you will keep your old fans and at the same time gain new ones.
E.C. - How is gonna be your show in Bilbao, in this Spanish tour ? Are you gonna play your album ‘Wings Of Tomorrow ?
J.T. - I don't believe we will continue playing the whole WINGS album. But we will most certainly play a few goodies from the WINGS album in Spain. Apart form Sweden and Japan, the rest of the world really started listening to
EUROPE after the Final Countdown. Of course there are "hardcore" EUROPE fans all over the world including Spain, who would appreciate to hear the whole WINGS album, but for most people it started with THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. The Spanish tour will be a mixture of the 30 years celebrations of WINGS, the release of BAG OF BONES and of course all our big songs.
E.C. - What do you like the most about Spain?
J.T. - The Rock-fans ! The food, The wine, The weather ! Always a great SPIRIT there. Great Vibe !
E.C. - Are you still popular in USA ? Do you use to tour over there ? What do you like the most about USA ?
J.T - We just started working with an American management and we will put some more work into the USA the next coming years. Its a great Rock 'n' Roll Country! We have lots of fond memories of touring there and hopefully will experience some more!
Photo: "Scream of Anger - Joey Tempest 2014" by Tallee Savage

Le 18/03/2014

EUROPE a été contraint d'annuler les concerts de Mexico !

It is with great regret that for reasons way beyond the band's control, the planned
EUROPE tour of Mexico has been cancelled.
The dates were originally announced for late 2013, with attempts to reschedule for the spring, then summer of 2014, without success. We apologize to all our fans in Mexico for the disappointment caused by this news.
Any tickets purchased can be refunded from point of sale.

Le 04/03/2014

Un petit récit du concert de Stockholm du 03 mars, signé Joey.
We did not expect that reaction !
A Monday in Stockholm. We thought perhaps the band would be more drunk than the crowd.
It turned out to be a great vibe and a great evening. Playing our hometown is always a bit special and we were a bit on edge. First gig on the tour, and we hadn't played the songs from WINGS OF TOMORROW in many, many years! Norum has recently switched back to his Fender "Strat"! And this was all very exiting. Afterwards he said it felt a bit strange since he's so used to his Les Pauls, but he loves the sound of the Strat and wants to use it more, perhaps on the next Europe record as well. We in the band love it. He really knows how to play that thing; he looks great playing it and it has a great sound !
We recorded WINGS OF TOMORROW just a few blocks away from were we played last night, at the legendary POLAR STUDIOS. We were around 19-20 years old when the engineer Leif Mases treated us to listening to 1 inch tapes of Led Zeppelin and Scorpions who had been recording there earlier. We couldn't believe that we finally were in a "real" recording studio, at the same time we felt we had something special going on. WINGS OF TOMORROW became very important for the band. CBS records in New York heard it and wanted to sign a massive contract with us. WINGS gave us WINGS! We started to get recognised internationally. But most importantly, the fans loved the album and it also inspired other musicians and rock bands. That is the best feeling.
Last night Mike Amott joined us as a guest on the song Wings Of Tomorrow. His band ARCH ENEMY has recorded both WINGS OF TOMORROW and SCREAM OF ANGER. He is a friend of the band and grew up listening to
EUROPE's music. It was an honour and so much fun to have him with us on stage !
Afterwards we were so relieved. So many things could have gone wrong but lady luck was on our side. Three more gigs in Sweden and then we start touring the rest of the world again.
The idea is to record our tenth studio album this fall. We have some plans for the US the next coming years and we are really looking forward to that.
As always…...All this is because of YOU ! You keep supporting us and lifting us up. The word is truly spreading about
See you out there !
Joey /
EUROPEJohn Norum et Mike Amott (Arch Enemy)



Le 03/03/2014

La scène pour le "Wing Over Sweden Tour" est prête !

Hey guys,
The race is on !
The crew is building the stage and the band is gathering backstage. I love the excitement before the first show on the tour.

La scène

Le 02/03/2014

La répétition de "Dance The Night Away" pour la tournée suédoise qui débute demain !

Rehearsal Dance The Night Away

Yeah! It still feels great to play some of these tracks again !
Rehearsing DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY for the WINGS OVER SWEDEN TOUR next week !

Le 27/02/2014

EUROPE offrira une des 4 guitares customisées "Wings Over Sweden" à chacun des concerts suédois de cette tournée, à un heureux détenteur d'un billet de concert. Les modalités seront disponibles le jour même sur place !

Guitare Wings Over Sweden

EUROPE the band have produced these 4 custom-painted "Wings Over Sweden" tour guitars - one to be given away at each of the Swedish shows on the upcoming "Wings Over Sweden" tour ! If you have a ticket for one of the Swedish gigs, you will have a chance to walk away with this super-cool piece of EUROPE memorabilia! More information will be available at the venues !

Le 24/02/2014

Répétition de Scream Of Anger par NORDIC BEAST au DIVERSIFY MUSIC GROUP - Sollentuna, à Stockholm.

Nordic Beast

Le 24/02/2014

Passage de John et Mic avec Nordic Beast sur la matinale d'une TV norvégienne !

Nordic Beast

The Beast has landed. Soundcheck before our breakfast performance on GOOD MORNING NORWAY

Le 24/02/2014

John Norum et Joey ont joué le 05/12/13 avec Alice Cooper, Kiss et bien d'autres à LAS VEGAS (USA) durant un concert destiné à recevoir des dons pour une école de Rock and Roll !

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Concert

Le 24/02/2014

Le DVD d’enseignement de la guitare de John sortira bientôt, mais uniquement en vente uniquement via son site officiel !

JNJOHN NORUM very first INSTRUCTIONAL DVD - Making of, step V - Hide & Seek time during a birthday's additional studio session! Grattis, John !!! Almost ready to start the editing and to share more info, stay tuned! The very first JOHN NORUM INSTRUCTIONAL DVD: definitely a MUST HAVE for guitar players and fans ! The DVD will be EXCLUSIVELY SOLD through John's official website's MERCH section. PRE-ORDERS will start soon, check often John's official website at www.johnnorum.se and this official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JohnNorum. OFFICIAL page for the news to come! #JohnNorum — à Stockholm, avec Peer Stappe.

Le 24/02/2014

John Norum et Mic font partie avec Mikkey Dee (Motörhead), Åge Sten Nilsen (Wigwam), Hal Patino (King Diamond) d'un nouveau groupe Nordic BEAST pour "s'occuper" pendant que EUROPE ne joue pas...

Time has come for the first great announcement, Norumheads !! JOHN NORUM has joined Nordic BEAST, together with Mikkey Dee (Motörhead), Åge Sten Nilsen (Wigwam), Hal Patino (King Diamond) and Mic Michaeli (EUROPE), for a brand new music project ! Scandinavia's loudest and proudest rock stars join forces! Don't miss the NORDIC BEAST first performance ever, in Oslo (NO) January 31, 2014: http://www.billettservice.no/event/411237 See you there ! /Wm

Welcome to NORDIC BEAST ! We are ecstatic about getting together for this explosive band formation. And we are happy to announce that we are unleashing the BEAST January 31 at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo - Norway. We have no intentions of leaving our main bands Motörhead, Europe, Wigwam or King Diamond. But HELL are we gonna have a good freakin' time. See 'ya out there !!
-Mikkey, John, Åge, Mic and Hal
Official website (under construction): www.nordicbeast.com

Le 24/02/2014

Un concours va être organisé pour gagner cette guitare customisée "Wings over Sweden" en rapport avec la prochaine tournée où EUROPE jouera l'ensemble de l'album "Wings Of Tomorrow".

Utlottning! Möjlighet att vinna en specialdesignad EUROPE - Wings Over Sweden - gitarr.
Skulle ni vilja ha den ? Tycker ni den är snygg? Utlottningsanvisningar kommer senare..

Sundsvall: http://www.entresundsvall.nu/?ev=13879
Guitare Wings Over Sweden

Le 31/01/2014

EUROPE va jouer dans l'intégralité l'album "Wings Of Tomorrow" au mois de mars 2014 lors de la tournée suédoise !


EUROPE will be performing their "WINGS OF TOMORROW" album LIVE on the Swedish tour this March! They will perform the album in its entirety, plus some new songs and other EUROPE hits ! Don't miss this rare and unique opportunity to hear these killer tracks played live! Here's a message from Joey:

Tournée suédoise "Wings Of Tomorrow" 2014"Wings of Tomorrow is one of our most liked albums and we are very exited to perform it Live together with some new songs and the hits ! This band has never done anything like this before and this will most likely be a once in a lifetime event. Wings of Tomorrow opened the doors to the world for us. We got our record deal with CBS epic in New York based on this record. We have often been approached by both rock and metal bands who have claimed that this record really inspired and influenced them.
It will be an honour to revisit and perform this record in its entirety.
Holy Underwear !!! This will be exiting !"

Joey /

Le 10/01/2014

Une mauvaise année 2013 pour EUROPE PARADISE , avec moins de 5 000 visites !

En tout cas, merci aux quelques fidèles ;-)