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Le 05/12/2013

L'expo des guitares au aktionsverket de Stockholm..

Hey guys !
EUROPEIm at the exhibition for our airbrushed guitars at aktionsverket in Stockholm. Hopefully some curious people will show up.
If you are interested in bidding on any of the items go to statsauktion.se

La guitare de l'album éponyme EUROPE.

Tony RenoThe album cover that was originally used in Sweden and the Nordic countries was a group shot of the band. The band, however, prefered the Japanese version of the cover depicting two statues standing next to an ancient building. One of the songs, SEVEN DOORS HOTEL, was probably close to becoming the Japanese national anthem... at least in music circles. Japan became the first country outside of Sweden where the band made an impact. Other songs from this album that have been important and popular are IN THE FUTURE TO COME, THE KING WILL RETURN and PARADIZE BAY. On this cover you will see the first variation of the now classic
Europe logo. It was designed by Teijo Niemistö, brother to Europe's original drummer, Tony Reno. The album sold 30.000 copies in it's first week of release in Sweden only. Today it is being described as a progressive hard rock album, and has inspired many younger bands to follow in Europe's footsteps.

* On the guitar we see an adaptation of the Japanese album cover with focus on one of the statues with angel wings, appearing to play guitar.

Superbe aussi, cette guitare WINGS OF TOMORROW.

John Leven"The armoured eagle" - inspired by old comic books - was designed by the Swedish artist Peter Engberg and proved to be a popular album cover for the band. The second album included songs like SCREAM OF ANGER, STORMWIND, WINGS OF TOMORROW and DREAMER, and the ballad OPEN YOUR HEART which became the band's first radio hit. In 1983 and 1984, the band started to tour the Swedish and Finnish "folk parks". This was the album that got one of the biggest record companies in the world interested in the band. CBS/EPIC Records in New York. The band signed a million dollar deal with the American company and became label mates with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Journey and Boston. The album was recorded in the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm, owned by ABBA.

* On the guitar we see the now classic armoured eagle with its burning eagle eyes, and a more elaborate logo.

Celle inspirée de l'arrière de la pochette de l'album THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.

John Norum This album cover that was inspired by science fiction movies from the eighties was originally delayed, and a major tour started without the album having been released. When the album's cover was finally ready, it was received with mixed reactions by the band. But it was too late to retract. The world tour had already started and they needed to release it. Later, a different album cover was made with a photo of the band but the original cover became the artwork that is now more widely known. The Final Countdown became one of the biggest albums in the world during the years 1986 and 1987. The four singles: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, ROCK THE NIGHT, CARRIE and CHEROKEE were all top 40 in the USA over a period of one and a half years. The title track reached number one in over 25 countries, and became number one on Top Of The Pops in the United Kingdom. The band embarked on a tour that lasted over one and a half years.

* On the guitar the band has chosen to show the back cover of the album; the beautiful sunset set in a triangle out in space, like a portal to another dimension.

Celle de OUT OF THIS WORLD avec Kee.

Kee Marcello A group shot of the band was chosen to be the cover of
Europe's fourth album. A new member, Kee Marcello was introduced. The picture was taken in London by the renowned American photographer Lynn Goldsmith. The album was produced by Ron Nevison and recorded in the legendary Olympic Studios in London. With songs like SUPERSTITIOUS, LET THE GOOD TIMES ROCK and a re-recording of OPEN YOUR HEART, the album became a great successor to The Final Countdown. The band went on a world tour that lasted approximately two years, including an exclusive and now legendary tour of America with the British band, Def Leppard.

* On the guitar we see an adaptation of a scene from the music video SUPERSTITIOUS with a painted woman in front of Hampstead House - the old castle on Long Island New York, where the video was filmed.


Joey Tempest The band only gave the artist Mark Wilkinson the title and and some song lyrics to work with. They were happy with the result, and believed it was the best
Europe album cover to date. There are many details in this artwork that can be traced to the band's state of mind of living in "exile", which was more or less the case during these years. This was the last album recorded for Epic records in New York. There was even a feeling that the record company did not like this particular album cover due to the suspicious looking figure in a straight jacket, and what he could represent.

* On the guitar we see a closeup of the "mythical" and much talked about character in the straight jacket.
Surrounded by the deep blue colour the band often used on their artwork.

La guitare très réussie de START FROM THE DARK.

John Leven The comeback album! John Norum was back in the band. After a band meeting in Stockholm ca. 2003, they decided to think long-term and to build up their career again slowly. This "dark" heavy album that left the future wide open, probably came as a shock to many, but it proved to be a good new beginning for the band that immediately started to tour around the world again. The band worked once again with Kevin Elson (The Final Countdown). They thought it important to start working with someone they trusted and knew well.

* On the guitar we see the vertical almost luminous blue lines cutting through a black background where a reworked Europe logo is emerging.

Celle de SECRET SOCIETY, originale, mais ce n'est pas ma préférée.

Mic Michaeli
The formidable British graphic designer Storm Thorgerson (PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN etc) was asked to create the band's seventh album cover. This was a big moment in the band's career since they had worshipped Storm and 'Hipgnosis' album covers whilst playing in bands and growing up outside Stockholm. The title SECRET SOCIETY came from a telephone conversation Joey had with Robert Plant where Robert had said something like: "We're all connected, us artists. Just like a Secret Society". Joey remembered the expression and wrote a song with the title. Mr Thorgerson was given the album title and a few demos. He then presented the band with ten different sketches and ideas. Everyone in the band liked the concept with the man standing in a room shaking hands with invisible people with their arms emerging from the walls. According to Thorgerson, he had heard of a secret society where you initially had to shake hands with invisible people before being accepted into the fold. Storm later included this cover in his book "Taken By Storm", which was a great honour for the band. The band had also decided to alter the Europe logo drastically on this particular release to mark a change, but it did not go down well with the fans. On the next studio album the original logo was back!

* On the guitar we see a part of the striking, striped light brown album cover with a man shaking hands with anonymous characters through the walls. We also see the eastern
EUROPE-influenced logo that created quite an upset amongst the fans.

J'aime bien également l'inspiration trouvée de LAST LOOK AT EDEN pour celle-ci !

Joey Tempest
Perhaps the most important
Europe album since The Final Countdown! With songs like LAST LOOK AT EDEN and the radio hit NEW LOVE IN TOWN, the band had finally worked their way back on the scene. The year 2010 also proved to be a massive year for the band with successful performances at festivals such as Sonisphere (Knebworth), iTunes Festival (Roundhouse, London) Peace and Love (Sweden). The album cover was created by the band's graphic designer Dimitri Dimitriadis, who turned to "ferrofluid" for inspiration... a fluid that reacts to electromagnetic fields. On the cover we see the fluid surrounding an apple, and also in the shape of a dividing cell. With the fruit's biblical connotations and depending on how you looked at the cover, there was some controversy after its release, since the image was said to evoke a conspicuous female energy!

* On the guitar we see this wonderful thick black paint flowing over the white background. During a photoshoot in Stockholm with Fredrik Etoall, buckets of this black paint were thrown at the band members and captured by the camera for the CD booklet.

Celle-là aussi est belle, tirée de ALMOST UNPLUGGED.

Ian Haugland
After a special concert and webcast that was only intended for the fans and an intimate audience in attendance at "Nalen" in Stockolm, the band later felt that this unique gig should be released as an album and DVD. The concert featured re-worked versions of classic
Europe songs with a string quartet. The band also played songs by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, UFO and Thin Lizzy. The interesting artwork for this album was created by Dimitri Dimitriadis, the band's graphic designer. Using details and instruments from the Almost Unplugged live performance, Dimitri created this amazing 'sonic robot'. The controversial logo from Secret Society was used once again, but this would be the last time it would ever be seen on a Europe album cover.
* On the guitar we see a close up of the spectacular "Sonic Robot" and the controversial
Europe logo that was only used on one studio album and on this live album.

Une inspirée de BAG OF BONES.

Ian Haugland
After seeing the 'Hisingen Blues' album art by Gothenburg band Graveyard, the band decided they wanted to work with the guy responsible for the cover. They contacted Ulf Lunden and everything fell into place. Ulf was given 4 songs and the album title and went ahead to create perhaps the best album cover of their career. It looks like it was made for a vinyl cover. Many interesting details fill the picture showing a man strung out, over what the band calls 'the desk of doom". Is he dead or just exhausted? On the typewriter in front of him you can see the words 'Bag Of Bones' typewritten over and over again, partly inspired by the film 'The Shining'.

* On the guitar you see the amazing pattern of the carpet of the room from the album cover. It is airbrushed in a deep blue glitter/sparkle finish with one of the many small creatures that features on the original artwork.

le 05/12/2013

EUROPE a fait faire 10 guitares inspirées de chacun de leurs albums studio, et dédicacées par chacun des membres du groupe ayant participé à l'album. Donc Kee Marcello et Tony Reno les ont signées. Le résultat est magnifique et chacun d'entre vous peut participer à une mise aux enchères, dont les bénéfices iront à médecin sans frontières.

Guitares aux enchères 2013

Le 05/12/2013

John Norum va sortir son premier DVD d'instruction à la guitare dans les mois à venir, cool !
Promo DVD instruction, John N.

Some great news for fans of our very own rock royal, John Norum! John is proud to be releasing his very first INSTRUCTIONAL DVD in the months to come. It will be made available exclusively through the John Norum official website, so check it out for details !

Le 01/11/2013

Joey et John N. vont participer au Fundraiser (Orleans Arena) à Las Vegas avec d'autres artistes, le 05/12/2013.

Fundraiser 2013http://www.youtube.com/

Le 25/10/2013

Dès sa sortie, le DVD "Live At Sweden Rock" est arrivé 1er dans le classement suédois. Le CD est quant à lui 8ème (1er dans la catégorie Hard Rock) !

Classement charts suédois


Un aperçu de la version japonaise du DVD du 30ème anniversaire de EUROPE.

DVD 30ème anniversaire, version japonaise

Le 10/10/2013

Interview TV suédoise avec Joey et Ian.
Interview Joey & Ian
En suédois bien-sûr !!!


Une autre interview écrite avec Ian et Mic, toujours en suédois.


Le 20/09/2013

C'est aujourd'hui que les fans peuvent acheter un lot spécial pour les 30 ans du premier album de EUROPE pour un coup de 349 €.

*** Europe ! Exclusive 30th Anniversary Package! Strictly limited edition! ***

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of
Europe's first ground breaking, self titled album from 1983! To celebrate this event we now give you a rare opportunity to purchase this very exclusive anniversary package with only 30 pieces made !

30ème anniversaireThe Anniversary package contains:

* One Canvas replica of the first album cover, signed by all four original members.
Please note that this is the first
Europe merchandise item signed by original drummer Tony Reno since 1984!

* A certificate with photographs of all four members signing the canvases.

* Two engraved Anniversary drinking glasses. Unique for this package.

* One t-shirt. Especially designed for the Anniversary package.

* One laminated 1983 VIP tour-pass. Personally dedicated to you.

All items will be numbered to correspond with your unique Anniversary package. These items will not be sold separately.

These exclusive packages will be made available in the Official Europe webshop tomorrow, Friday September 20th !


Le 03/09/2013

La bande annonce pour la sortie du Live au Sweden Rock Festival 2013.

Le 29/08/2013

La sortie du CD/DVD/BRD du concert du Sweden Rock 2013, filmé à l'occasion des 30 ans du groupe sortira le 16 octobre 2013.

Les titres (CD, DVD & BLU-RAY)

1/ Riches To Rags
2/ Firebox
3/ Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
4/ Scream Of Anger
5/ Superstitious
6/ No Stone Unturned
7/ New Love In Town
8/ In The Future To Come
9/ Paradize Bay
10/ Girl From Lebanon
11/ Prisoners In Paradise
12/ Always The Pretenders
13/ Drink And A Smile
14/ Open Your Heart
15/ Love Is Not The Enemy
16/ Sign Of The Times
17/ Start From The Dark
18/ Wings Of Tomorrow
19/ Carrie
20/ Jailbreak (Reprise de Thin Lizzy - Scott Gorham en invité)
21/ Seven Doors Hotel
22/ Drumsolo
23/ The Beast
24/ Let The Good Times Rock
25/ Lights Out (Reprise de UFO - Michael Schenker en invité)
26/ Rock The Night
27/ Last Look At Eden
28/ The Final Countdown

Live At Sweden Rock



This concert which was captured at Sweden Rock Festival 7th of June 2013 is not only a massive greatest hits show in front of 30,000 people, it also marks the 30th anniversary of the bands existence. They celebrate this by playing 28 songs spanning their whole career including songs never before performed.

Between the heavy rock songs they also sit down for an emotional accoustic set which brings a unique intimate feel to this otherwise massive arena show.

To pay tribute to their own heroes they invite legendary guests artists Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) and Michael Schenker (UFO, MSG) to join them on stage.

The band has made nothing short of a remarkable return since they started up again in 2004. Their latest album BAG OF BONES was awarded the 16th best rockalbum in the world by the prestigious Classic Rock Magazine in 2012.

Together with the four latest CD releases to come out this side of the millennium and the five albums they produced in the eighties and nineties. They sit on an enormous song treasure.

The DVD Includes songs like:
Seven Doors Hotel, Open Your Heart, Rock The Night, Carrie, Superstitious, Prisoners In Paradise. Always The pretenders, Last Look At Eden, New Love In town, Not Supposed To Sing The Blues, Firebox, Lights out (with Michael Schenker), Jailbreak (with Scott Gorham) and many more.

Over two hours and fourty minutes of concert footage, behind the scenes material and an exclusive interview with the band, makes this the definitive
EUROPE live DVD. Also released as Blu-Ray and live CD.

Les pré-commandes sur Bengans.se.

Le 26/06/2013

La conférence de presse donnée par John Levén, Ian et Mic au Hellfest 2013.
Conférence presse Hellfest 2013

Le 24/06/2013

"Last Look At Eden" au Hellfest 2013, diffusé sur la chaîne D17.
EUROPE au Hellfest diffusé sur le chaîne D17

Le 23/06/2013

EUROPE au Hellfest pour Replica Promotion:
Mic et John L.
La vidéo.

Le 22/06/2013

Une première vidéo au Hellfest du journal Ouest France et la critique ci-dessous.

Le soleil n’a pas tardé à revenir sur Clisson, et avec lui un son furieux de part et d’autre du site du Hellfest, le festival métal et musiques extrêmes.
Le groupe EUROPE, de retour après un passage remarqué en 2009, a parfaitement lancé le compte à rebours d’une riche soirée qui verra défiler sur scène Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Agnostic Front, Neurosis, Avantasia, God Seed…
Les cinq Suédois, qui valent bien plus que leur célèbre Final Countdown, ont réussi à faire bouger les têtes des « métalleux » les plus réfractaires !

Un extrait de vidéo sur Dailymotion.com.
EUROPE au Hellfest 2013
Article du journal Ouest-France.

Le 21/06/2013

Les titres joués cet après-midi au Hellfest de Clisson:
1/ Riches To Rags
2/ Firebox
3/ Scream Of Anger
4/ Superstitious
5/ Girl From Lebanon
6/ The Beast
7/ Rock The Night
8/ Prelude + Last Look At Eden
9/ The Final Countdown

Edit: Un mot de EUROPE sur son facebook:



Le 11/06/2013

Une vidéo du soundcheck au SRF du titre "Always The Pretenders".
Soundcheck SRF 2013

Le 10/06/2013

Première version électrique depuis 1992 avec le groupe complet pour cette version de Prisoners In Paradise au Sweden Rock Festival 2013.
Prisoners In Paradise au SRF 2013
Ainsi qu'un titre rare "Paradize Bay" , puisque non joué depuis 1989 ainsi que "In The Future To Come", sans oublié le très récent "Riches To Rags".

Le 09/06/2013

Un petit mot groupe après leur concert du Sweden Rock.

SRF 2013
Our "office"! At Sweden Rock Festival
What a gig! What a night! What an anniversary! We are so pleased!!
Joey, John, John, Mic, Ian -

Le 08/06/2013

Voici les titres joués lors du concert au Sweden Rock Festival du 07/06/2013 pour les 30 ans du groupe.
30ème anniversaire de EUROPE
Riches To Rags
Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
Scream Of Anger
No Stone Unturned
New Love In Town
In The Future To Come
Paradize Bay
Girl From Lebanon
Prisoners In Paradise (version album, groupe complet)
Always The Pretenders
Drink And A Smile (Acoustic')
Open Your Heart (Acoustic')
Love Is Not The Enemy
Sign Of The Times
Start From The Dark
Wings Of Tomorrow
Jailbreak (Reprise de Thin Lizzy - Scott Gorham en invité)
Seven Doors Hotel
Drum Solo
The Beast
Let The Good Times Rock
Lights Out (Reprise de UFO - Michael Schenker en invité)
Rock The Night
Last Look At Eden
The Final Countdown

Juste un peu déçu que Kee Marcello n'est pas été présent au moins sur un titre pour cette grande occasion ;-)

Le 08/05/2013

Qui veux remporter aux enchères une guitare Gibson Les Paul utilisée par John !?
Prix de départ 3 000 €. Vraiment pas cher comme mise de départ pour ce style de guitare assez rare.

John Norum's Gibson Les Paul Gold top custom shop '56 reissue brazilian rosewood.

Le 27/04/2013

Une interview en suédois sur Youtube de John Norum et sa soeur Tone pour le show à Jönköping (Suède).
Interview John et Tone Norum

Le 06/04/2013

Le remix de "Bring It All Home" par Tobias Lindell, sortira le lundi 08 avril en tant que 3ème single sur les radios scandinaves.
Ce single ne sera pas disponible à la vente...

"Bring it all home” (Radio mix)

Hi everyone!
On Monday April 8th, a new radio mix of "Bring it all Home", the third single from the celebrated album "Bag of Bones", will be sent to radio stations across the Nordic countries! The remix has been made by award winning producer Tobias Lindell, specifically for these stations!

Europe fans, this remix won't be for sale, so SHARE this info, and spread the word to help the band launch this remix into the stratosphere! The more it is pushed, the more it will be played on Scandinavian stations, and of course, on Nordic web radio too!

We're countin' on you!
Have a good weekend, rockers!

Le 14/03/2013

Un sympathique "petit" mot de Joey, avant de les revoir en concert à partir de juin.

Hello everyone,

Thought I'd write you a little note about whats going on in the Europe camp at the moment.

We are having little break after the amazing BOB adventures last year. We are, however, working on ideas and new items to celebrate our 30th anniversary, together with you guys. So please keep visiting this site. All shall be revealed soon.

I'm currently spending some time in London with my family and at the same time upgrading my studio. I've got some ideas I'm dying to try out for our next album. The rest of the guys are in Stockholm. Norum is preparing for his tour with his little sister Tone. I think its a great idea! As long as I have known them both they have been so involved and passionate about music. I don't believe they have ever performed together like this, so it's really exclusive! Meeting them both when I was around 14 years old, I immediately wanted to start a band with John.

I know Leven has got some great new song ideas lined up. Mic always writes and I hope he's got something as cool as the riff for Firebox for me to sink my teeth into. He is such a musical guy! And will this be the album when Mr Haugland contributes even more as a writer? That would be so cool! Always when we're in pre-production or in the studio he's got the greatest ideas for arrangements and so forth. The guy is like dynamite!

We're all looking forward to getting back on the road in May, when we also will be rehearsing for the mega Sweden Rock Festival!.......Two and a half hour long show with exclusive guests! Songs from all of our albums, with a few we haven't played in ages! This will truly be a special night! On the road this year we'll also be teaming up with our friends in Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Journey and many others. We're also interested in checking out Black Star Riders this summer, they will be on the same bill as us on a couple of festivals.

Download and Hellfest this year! How cool is that?! Mind you, we'd better be "camping" a few days before the gig at Download this year, so we don't miss it : ) Back to Spain as well......we missed you guys on the BOB tour last year!

We'll be touring festivals all of 2013 and the winter will be spent writing music and doing sessions together to find the "vibe" for the next record. We'll be going into the studio again beginning of 2014 to record Europe No: 10. Hey! ......It's a big deal for us! Ten albums. WOW!
Just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for you incredible support over the years. You have really helped us build this band up again. These days we are yet again a force to be reckoned with!

I've always said: You guys keep us in the best job in the world!



Just remember, It's only Norum, Leven and Haugland who have their own Facebook pages. If you think you are "reaching" me (or Mic) through 'ANY' other Facebook pages, YOU'RE NOT! It's someone impersonating me. This (the Official EUROPE Facebook page) is the ONLY page I communicate through. Same goes for twitter. I am NOT posting or writing anywhere else but here.

Le 12/03/2013

John Norum & sa soeur Tone Norum en concert !

Tournée John Norum & Tone Norum

John Norum et sa sœur Tone Norum vont faire quelques concerts acoustiques en Suède et en Norvège.

26/04 Harrys Silver (Jönköping, Sweden)

27/04 Zamora Rock (Upplands Väsby, Sweden)

04/05 Clarion Hotel (Örebro, Sweden)

11/05 Bruket (Varberg, Sweden)

23/05 Olsen På Bryn (Oslo, Norway)

24/05 Larvik Guitar Festival (Larvik, Norway)

25/05 Samfundet (Trondheim, Norway)

Le 12/03/2013

Le nouvel album de Kee Marcello " Judas Kiss" est prévu pour le 05/04/2013. Il est possible de le précommander sur CDon ou Amazon (en MP3).

"Judas Kiss"

1 Zombie (3'56)
2 Dog Eat Dog (4'02)
3 Starless Sky (4'50)
4 I'm Stoned (4'22)
5 Dead End Highway (5'04)
6 Judas Kiss (4'24)
7 And Forever More (avec Liv Moon) (4'29)
8 Coming Home (4'43)
9 Get On Top (4'38)
10 The Harder They Come (3'08)
11 Dead Give Away (5'05)
12 Love Will Tear Us Apart (4'24)
13 Metal Box (5'03)

Il semble que le single sera "And Forever More". Cependant, le premier clip tourné pour cet album est "Dog Eat Dog".

Sur les extraits au son très mauvais (comme d'hab') sur Amazon, on peut se rendre compte que Kee n'a pas trop tiré sur sa voix, ce qui la rend "plus écoutable" que son opus précédent. Par contre la guitare comme on l'aime est au rendez-vous !

De plus toutes les dates de la comédie musicale "Rock Ages" à laquelle Kee participe sont sold-out.

Le 24/02/2013

Le 21 février 2013, c'était la première de la comédie musicale version suédoise "Rock Ages", avec Kee Marcello à la guitare.
Rock Of Ages - 21 février 2013

Kee Marcello (EUROPE), Joacim Cans (HAMMERFALL) et Vikstrom Thomas (CANDLEMASS, THERION) participent à la version suédoise de la comédie musicale à succès de Broadway "Rock Of Ages", qui débutera au Chinateatern à Stockholm au printemps. La distribution comprend également quelques-uns des principaux acteurs suédois, comédiens et chanteurs, dont Johan Rheborg, Peter Magnusson, Gladys del Pilar et Peter Johansson (qui a joué le personnage principal dans Galileio "We Will Rock You" sur West End 2003-2007).
Un succès sur Broadway, West End et à Hollywood, la comédie musicale les plus chaudes de rock du monde aura sa première suédoise le jour 21 Février, 2013.
Lorsque le réalisateur Anders Albien obtenu l'autorisation de lancer "Rock Of Ages" en Suède, il a choisi de chercher des artistes en dehors des paramètres communs d'acteurs musicaux. Contrairement aux autres versions, tant à Broadway et West End, il voulait de vraies rock stars ainsi que des acteurs de longs métrages dans le casting pour donner de l'authenticité ,au spectacle.
"Rock Of Ages" est une comédie musicale rock / jukebox, construit autour de tubes rock classiques des années 1980, en particulier de groupes célèbres de glam/metal de cette décennie; tels que STYX, VOYAGE, BON JOVI,
EUROPE, Pat Benatar, TWISTED SISTER et POISON et d'autres groupes de rock bien connus.
Le spectacle est connu pour être plus léger et humoristique que les autres spectacles de Broadway. Pendant le show, les acteurs vont s'adresser directement au public en oubliant apparemment (ou peut-être en rappelant) qu'ils sont des artistes dans une comédie musicale.
"Rock Of Ages" est produit par 2Entertain en coopération avec Nöjesproduktion Vicky.
Les billets sont en vente depuis le 26 Novembre 2012.

Répétition Rock Ages
Ci-dessus une photo d'une vidéo sur Youtube, lors d'une répétition de la comédie musicale.

Le 21/02/2013

John Norum va bientôt entrer en studio pour enregistrer son prochain album solo, qui devrait sortir en septembre chez Gain/Sony Music Suède. Il est possible que certains invités apparaissent sur la galette.
De plus, John devrait faire quelques concerts en solos cette année, en plus de ceux annoncés avec EUROPE

Markus Tagaris (Gain), John Norum, Magnus Lundbäck (Gain)
Markus Tagaris (Gain), John Norum, Magnus Lundbäck (Gain)

Le 16/02/2013

Bonne nouvelle pour les fans français et ceux qui sont proches de la France. EUROPE sera de nouveau de la partie au Hellfest de Clisson (44), le 21 juin 2013. Ils joueront sur la même scène que Def Leppard, avec qui ils ont déjà tourné à l'époque de "Out Of This World" !
Le même jour, il y aura également Whitesnake, Helloween et Avantasia, sans compter tous les autres...
Hellfest 2013
Le prix pour une journée est de 75€, ce qui n'est pas cher si l'on prend en compte le nombre de groupes que l'on peut voir lors d'une seule journée !

Plus d'infos sur le site du Hellfest.

Le 14/01/2013

Banner Tour de EUROPE "Sweden Rock Festival 2013"EUROPE fera un concert pour ses 30 ans au Sweden Rock Festival.
Pour l'occasion, le groupe se produira sur scène pour un show spécial anniversaire et grandiose, a promis Joey. Ce sera d'ailleurs le seul de l'année 2013.
Le concert sera un des plus géants de leur carrière avec l'apparition de certains invités vedettes. Il comprendra notamment des titres de chacun de leurs 9 albums studios. Cerise sur le gâteau, le concert sera filmé pour une sortie en DVD.
EUROPE clôturera donc le Sweden Rock Festival le vendredi 7 juin 2013.

Plus d'infos: Sweden Rock Festival 2013

Le 13/01/2013

La chaîne Arte, a diffusé un reportage sur EUROPE dans son émission "Tracks" le 12 janvier 2013 à 23h30.

Joey & John sur Arte "Tracks"

On y apprend rien de nouveau, mais on a droit à tout petit extrait de leur concert au Bataclan de Paris en novembre dernier.

Lien direct pour revoir l'émission: arte.tv

Le 12/01/2013

Je vous souhaite à toutes et tous une très bonne et heureuse année, ainsi qu'à vos familles et proches.
En juillet, EUROPE PARADISE a fêté ses 10 ans, et le site a atteint les 100 000 visites tout juste avant le 31 décembre 2012.
Malgré une petite baisse des visites notamment due aux réseaux sociaux, EUROPE PARADISE sera toujours présent pour partager avec vous les news les plus intéressantes du groupe.

J'espère que vous viendrez plus nombreux, sans oublier que le site dispose maintenant d'une petite page Facebook, où vous pourrez laisser vos commentaires.
N'oubliez cependant pas le forum, qui malheureusement meurt à petit feu, alors qu'il est bien plus pratique qu'un réseau social. (Enfin chacun ses goûts)

Le groupe a également fêté ses 30 ans le 12 décembre dernier et il se pourrait qu'il nous réserve une petite surprise pour 2013.
En tout cas, merci pour votre fidélité ;-)